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How To Protect Koi from Predators

Koi are excellent fish to keep as pets, especially if you have a large pond to keep them. Koi also have very long life spans. Some can even live for centuries, with the
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Design your pond with protection in mind. The first thing you will need to do is ensure that your pond is not easily accessible to small predators, such as cats,
cheap Michael Kors raccoons and the like. These animals can easily await their prey on ledges and shallow areas of the pond. Because of this, you will need to design your pond such that it is not shallow, and that there is a steep slope at the edges. The slopes of your pond should also be smooth, so it won’t be easy for small predators to get
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cheap Michael Kors handbags them a hiding place. Aside from designing with steep and smooth slopes, design the pond such that the koi can have a hiding place if they sense predators. Koi can easily sense humans and other animals outside the water. If they sense danger, they will hide. You can purchase structures called a Koi Kastle and place these at the bottom of your pond. This will give your fish adequate protection in the event that birds of prey swoop into the pond.

Place decoys. Predators easily hunt when there is no danger around. Plant fake predators in your pond, such as a rubber snake or alligator. These can help fend off cats, raccoons, and the like. You can also add a fake heron, which can deter other birds. Predatory birds can be territorial, and will not hunt in places where other predators are feeding.

Also, you can plant a fake koi near the edge of the pond, which can help alert your real koi if it is attacked by a bird or other predator.

Provide cover. Give your pond enough cover from
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Install active defenses. The above outlined deterrents are mostly passive, but they don’t fight back against predators. As an added measure of protection, you can install a motion activated sprinkler, which will squirt and sprinkle water whenever it senses animals nearby. This can effectively deter cats and raccoons, which are
Michael Kors handbags averse to water. You can also fence your koi pond with an electric fence. This would give would be predators a mild electric shock that won’t necessarily be fatal, but would be unpleasant.

Add netting. Lastly, you can install netting on your pond. You can place netting during the nighttime, for added protection. This will not only help protect
Michael Kors handbags outlet against predators, but can also help catch falling leaves in autumn. Netting can save you a lot of time from cleaning the pond.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: