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Potty Training Basics for Yorkies

Michelle E. Arthur

It’s true that Yorkies may make smaller messes but the size of the mess doesn’t really affect the amount you are going to spend on cleaning
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You have to remember that their size might work against them in that their tiny bladders
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Living in an apartment or home without a big yard is no problem for the Yorkshire Terrier. These pets only need a small space to do their business which means that a flowerbed can work wonders.

Some people make fun of little dogs in their knit sweaters, but it’s more than just a fashion statement. During the winter months in cold climates, the change from heated indoors to freezing outdoors is very harsh on a Yorkshire Terrier’s body.

The extreme temperature change can also interfere
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Some Yorkshire Terriers will not budge off their hind legs until they see the sweater in your hands. Your Yorkshire Terrier may totally refuse to
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There are ways to plan around this. You may want to lay down some paper in a box and keep it in the garage as a backup potty plan during bad weather. This should only be used for short amounts of
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If your dog usually goes outdoors or you walk him through parks frequently, always keep an eye on him. Look out for tall grass and bushes. You dog may want to sniff a certain spot and could potentially end up being bit by a snake.

Be sure to be courteous of your neighbors even if your dog has only made a small mess outside. Regardless of the size it is still dog poop that needs to be picked up
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This is also true when it comes to tracking dog poop in the house on your shoes. You won’t notice it until it’s all
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fake Michael kors handbags outlet for Yorkshire Terriers is no different than it is for big dogs. You can start with crate training to help establish good behavior until a routine is set in place. Some little dogs are spoiled because they are so used to getting a lot of attention in the laps of their owners. Practice positive reinforcement so that your dog knows exactly what he needs to do to make you happy.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: