Overview of the DEP


This the main point of entry for Trainees and consists of Taster and Main Courses delivered by Domino Effect Peer Trainers. The Training covers effective communication, self-motivation and time management. The Domino Effect’s experiential training approach creates a space where Trainees feel able to take risks and open up, allowing themselves to learn more about who they are, how they act and what they want from life.

  • Taster Course (half-a-day) targeted at those living less structured lives, links directly with the Outreach Training; builds skills which will help Trainees engage with services and manage their lives better. Is a great preparation ground for the Main Course
  • Main Course – (2.5 days) - made up of 2 days of Domino Effect training and a half-day of literature and philosophy groups delivered by University of Bristol undergraduate and research students. These groups combined with the training provide Trainees with the skills, confidence and motivation to move forward with their lives.

By the end of Stage One Trainees will have established a series of goals and learnt a range of skills including how to plan, negotiate, present, interview and manage challenging situations.



This is focused on exploration and the development of new skills, understanding and direction. It is for trainees who have completed Stage One. University staff, professional practitioners and Domino Effect Peer Trainers deliver the courses. Stage 2 has three learning categories:

1)   Life, Study and Employability Skills – Includes the following courses – Literacy and Formal Writing (CVs, essays, letters); Practical Philosophy (problem solving, discussion, and analytical skills); Enterprise Skills; Training to be a Domino Effect Trainer.

2)   Arts, Science and Creativity – Includes the following courses – Scriptwriting; Film Making; Community Development; History.

3)   Mind and Body (in development) – Will include courses such as e.g. Martial arts; Dance; and Yoga.



This is focused on learning-by-doing with Trainees applying what they have learnt in the first two Stages in real situations. There are 3 categories:

  • Projects – Trainees will create their own projects in teams. For example – making a documentary or creating a pop-up business.
  • Work placements – Currently 2 weeks at the BBC. It is our plan to engage more organisations in this so there is a greater range of placement opportunities and experiences.
  • Becoming a Domino Effect Peer Trainer and delivering Domino Effect courses, and assisting in the running of the project.



Advice, guidance and information are available to everyone ready to move on from the project. Regular meetings are arranged which will focus on putting an individuals plans into action so that there is a smooth transition from Domino to their next adventure.



Anyone interested in engaging with the Domino effect please contact us to book an assessment. Phone Nick or Garry on either – Tel: 0117 954 3708    Mob: 07780 165 286


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