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If you are interested in getting involved with IDEAL there are several ways you can do this:


1. Volunteering:

Who: We have no restrictions on who can volunteer for IDEAL, all we ask is that you are passionate and committed to help support our work.

What: The Volunteering opportunities are varied and can be tailored to the needs of the volunteer, depending on what experience they wish to have, or skills they would like to gain. So volunteering for IDEAL can take many different forms for example;

  1. Being part of a research project
  2. Assisting with office duties
  3. Helping us run a music competition

How: As we tend to tailor volunteering opportunities, we like to first meet with a potential new volunteer and then discuss what they would like to do, what time they can give, and what we can maybe offer them.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us

2. Work Experience and Placements

What: IDEAL offers work experience opportunities for secondary school pupils, which can be tailored, to the needs of the pupil. In general pupils will work on Sharp Shotz projects around music and film.

We also offer work placements for higher education students studying a range of subjects including Social Work and English Literature in the Community

Who:  Secondary School pupils and students engaged in higher education

How: If you are interested in work experience or placement please contact us

3. IDEAL Trustee:

What: As a Trustee you will be responsible for the governing of IDEAL, ensuring it is run correctly (as required by the Charity Commission) and will be involved in the promotion and development of the organisation

Who: Anyone living in the city of Bristol, who is over 18 years old, who believes in the work that we do and is passionate to see IDEAL grow.

How: If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please contact us


4. IDEAL Patron:

What: As a Patron your role will be to promote IDEAL and its projects. You can attend Board meetings but you cannot vote.

Who: Anyone living in the city of Bristol, who is over 18 years old, who believes in the work that we do and is passionate to see IDEAL grow.

How: If you are interested in becoming a Patron please contact us

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