About Us

The IDEAL – Experience + Skills + Confidence = Choice

IDEAL History – Garry Brandrick and Nick Bentley met in January 2005 bringing together passion, street smarts, and university education to create positive change to individuals and communities affected by issues such as legal and illegal drugs, poverty, poor education, offending, long term unemployment….


The IDEAL Approach - is to create unique opportunities for people to learn and to use what they have learnt to benefit both themselves and their community. Different methods we use are
  • Research
  • Media – Film, Animations, and Music production
  • Training and awareness workshops
  • Project Development


IDEAL People – Who we work with:

1. Young people - within schools and youth organisations based in disadvantaged areas….find out more

2. Adults – with a history of problematic drugs use, people living within deprived areas, and generally anyone wanting to move on with their lives ……find out more

3. Partners–include Aardman Animations, BBC Bristol, Bristol City Council, Bristol Drugs Project, Community Action Around Drugs and Alcohol, City Academy of Bristol, John Cabot Academy, Nilaari, Real World Studios, Safer Bristol, The Watershed, University of Bristol, and the University of the West of England.

4. Funders – Big Lottery, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Tudor Trust.

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