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The Domino Effect

The DEP is for anyone that wants to make changes however big or small to improve their life.

Our Work

We have created, developed and run many exciting and innovative things over the past seven years some one off pieces of work and some on going projects such as Sharp Shotz and the Domino Effect Project. The following are examples of our work, which exemplify our approach of engaging all sectors of the community including those that the project is being created for and other partners from business, academic, and social sectors:

  • A three year research study in to the local illegal drugs trade – Over 150 current drug users of heroin and/or crack were interviewed by a team that included peers, a professional researcher, an epidemiologist (University of Bristol) and IDEAL staff. Local drug agencies including CAAAD, Nilaari and Salvation Army helped source interviewees and additional city wide information was provided by Safer Bristol. If you are interested in the findings please contact us
  • SWITCH – A groundbreaking pilot outreach service for economic dealers, user dealer and crack users. We conceived the idea for the project, conducted research to establish the need which included engaging with Baltimore Police, engaged partners who would deliver the project –  CAAAD, Nilaari – , and then wrote up the project proposal and successfully secured the funding. Read a Guardian article on SWITCH here
  • Bristol’s Burning – A four part documentary on Bristol’s illegal drugs trade seen through Garry’s own life produced with a team of volunteers and BBC Bristol. The team of volunteers were recruited from the barton hill area and local drug and alcohol services. Over 18 months the team were taught production techniques including how to use camera and sound equipment, editing, and production management. We secured a wide range of interviews including the home office minister in charge of drugs, and opposite numbers in labour and the liberal democrats who was the soon to be leader of the party Nick Clegg. As you will see none of them feature in the film, after a production meeting it was decided they did not add any value to the film, but as an experience it was great for the team to go to the Home Office and Houses of Parliament.   Watch all four parts here:

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